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EVE Audio's office in Berlin

About us

EVE Audio was founded in May 2011 in Berlin, Germany and is an owner-operated manufacturer for professional studio monitors. It was founded and is owned by Roland Stenz, a long time passionate for quality audio and with a vast background history in the audio industry.

Roland Stenz started his career in the mid eighties when he worked in Research and Development for "Rundfunk- und Fernsehtechnisches Zentralamt RFZ". That was East Germany's biggest supplier and developer for nearly all components used in television and broadcast. After the German reunification, Roland Stenz worked briefly for a Berlin based Hi-Fi company before pursuing his advanced electronic studies. Subsequently in 1999 he became founder, shareholder and CEO of ADAM Audio GmbH.
Upon his leaving that company in summer of 2010, he started the development of a new range of studio monitors.

A trademark all EVE Audio studio monitors have in common is the further developed technology of an Air Motion Transformer that is different from any other similar products available on market:
      · wider front slots for less sound coloration
      · re-designed construction for a more precise making of these tweeters
      · a new diaphragm material for lowest distortion level set them apart.
A DSP based filter section, rear-firing bass-ports, a single front push knob operation and glass fibre honeycomb woofers complete the product. A common feature of all EVE Audio products is the certainty of consistency that is an important consideration when investing in a studio.

EVE Audio is based in Berlin, Germany. The area is called "Media City" and hosts several media companies and broadcast studios. The entire complex was home to the East German broadcaster "Fernsehen der DDR" when Germany was divided.
Our facility contains a +2000 sqm large production hall including storage, a +400 m² large office area with +50 m² large show room included. Our in-house laboratory features our own anechoic chamber (652,5 m³) and our own reverberation room (253 m³).
For further information and details about our anechoic chamber please read on here.

Brief history
· May 2011 – establishment of EVE Audio
· March 2012 – company and products' launch at Musikmesse 2012
· May 2012 – begin of shipping of 2-way models
· August 2012 – begin of shipping of 3-way models
· Summer 2013 – begin of shipping of 4-way models and subwoofers
· March 2014 – launch of main monitors SC3010 and SC3012
· April 2015 – launch of desktop loudspeaker SC203 and Passive Monitor Router PMR 2.10
· Spring 2016 – 5th anniversary

Within a remarkable short period of time the company has gone from nothing to manufacturing a complete line of professional monitors that is sold through partners in more then 60 countries. The wide range of active studio monitors suits different rooms, different needs, different tastes and different budgets.

EVE Audio has made a strong impression manufacturing high-quality active studio monitor loudspeakers, full of innovations intended to contribute flatter, clearer monitoring to the average engineer's setup. Numerous glowing print reviews and a steadily growing community of BeliEVErs makes EVE Audio grow from a hidden secret to become a desirable audio recording and production tool on the market.

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